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How to link your pastes:

automatically highlight the paste
set the detected MIME type and let the browser do the rest
force the MIME type to be text/plain
/<ID>/<file extension>
override auto detection and use the supplied file extension or language name for highlighting
display a qr code containing a link to /<ID>/
convert markdown to HTML
convert text with ANSI (shell) escape codes to HTML
display some information about the ID
return a JPEG thumbnail for the ID (only works for some file types)

If your upload is not detected as text, only /<ID>/qr, /<ID>/plain, /<ID>/info and /file/thumbnail/<ID> will work as above and all others will simply return the file with the detected MIME type.

How to link your multipastes:

Multipaste IDs begin with m- and only support the following features.

automatically display everything in a sensible way
display a qr code containing a link to /<ID>/
display some information about the multipaste
download a tarball of all files in the multipaste (files may be renamed to avoid conflicts)
download a PLS playlist of all audio/video files in the multipaste

Special filenames:

or *.cast
treat the file as an asciinema screencast and display a videoplayer for it

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Latest release: unknown
GPG sigs, older versions:

Arch Linux: pacman -S fb-client
Gentoo: Add this overlay and run emerge -a fb-client
FreeBSD: pkg install fb
OpenSUSE: home:mwilhelmy / fb-client


Development: v4rakh/fbmobile @ Github
Google Play: FileBin @ Google Play

Unmaintained Legacy Client:
Development: sebastianrakel/fb-client-android @ Github
F-Droid Store: fb-client Android @ F-Droid